Product Care

Product Quality

Congratulations with rewarding yourself with the new Angelo Cuore leather bag. Leather is a natural product that brings nature’s marking to the surface. Your handbag  is  made  of  a  beautiful and high quality tanned leather and over the time leather take on a patina and may also have changes due to the oils from your skin and direct sunlight  however it will remain beautiful if you look after it  with care.


Product Care Tips

There are various types and grades of leathers and some require a bit more maintenance than others such as the Exotic skins leather. Here are some leather care tips to prolong your leather and exotic skin bag.

Do not leave your bag directly under sunlight as prolonged exposure to sunlight will affect the color of your product

Always avoid exposing the leather for to long at a time to strong light, heat or humidity. Oil, water or makeup among others can stain tanned leather.

Avoid spraying perfume or hair spray near leather as it can affect the color.

Never clean leather products with water or solvents.

Nourish your leather bag ever so often with neutral color cream to help maintain bag’s natural oils but avoid products that include petroleum or mineral oils such products may damage your leather bag. Always make sure to read instructions stated of the product’s label.

Do not overfill your leather bag as it could stretch out and lose its shape.

Stuff it with bubble wrap in order to maintain your bag in good shape.

When not in use your leather handbag should always be stored in the given protect cover away  from heat.

As long as you take good care, your bag will preserve its beauty.